self-promotion, other-promotion

I still have a band, I promise. We're really playing a show next week (1/19, at Roboto, see sidebar), even though we're still recovering to an extent from the flood. We really do have a record coming out with the assistance of one of our favorite bands and two of our favorite labels. The official release shows should theoretically be the first weekend in February. If possible, we may have the LP ready in time for next week's show.

Additionally, Roboto is having a rilly big show on Friday, featuring Grand Buffet, the Dirty Faces, and Poison Arrow (Dan Goldberg and Bill's new thing that is not in fact called "Broken Arrow"). Without owning up to anything more than I absolutely have to, I will note that after this show, a couple more of my Pittsburgh secrets will be no more. The show benefits the space, so go. And afterward, The Band That Is Not Arco Flute Foundation Because That Would Imply the Presence of McDowell will be playing at the Brillobox, and I caught some of their set tonight at Mofo (I was horrendously late to the show) and it was wonderful, as expected. (I only saw AFF once in their original incarnation and it blew my college sophomore mind.)