let this weekend end.

So yesterday there was a water main break outside Roboto that ruined a whole lot of the stuff at the practice space (some of my drums are salvageable, but basically everyone's cabinets are done for, and some of the heads, including Jo's Music Man). I'm really least concerned about my own stuff, as I was planning on getting a new kit anyway (although I'm not sure if I was ready to do that, financially speaking, quite YET . . .), but the other bands that practice in the space sustained some major damage, and I feel for Tim Williams, whose LEGENDARY AUS ROTTEN HUMAN INVESTMENT DRUM KIT was sloshed, after 16 years of service.

No shows for us for a while!

Also, it snowed a lot today, which was pretty, except when everything froze over and I had already convinced my dear mother to drive me home from her house and we nearly died. But at least I have food in my body now. That's all there is. Warm and cozy, praying for sleep.