mix and mingle

I began preparations last night for my mixtape for the mixtape potluck, but I supposed I shouldn't let any cats out of any theoretical bags, for fear that the person who ends up with my tape will have read this and therefore the element of surprise will be ruined. So let's just say that there's some doom and there's some Dan.

Was a time when I thought anything less than a 90-minute mixtape was cheating, but lately I've come of age and realized that quantity is not always (not usually?) (not ever?) paramount. There's nearly always a point in that 90-minute mixing session which is really like three hours at which you just blank. It's usually about 25 minutes into the B side. You know where it's going to end but not how to get there. So you reach for some ridiculous long song that doesn't really fit but will eat up some time before that AWESOME CLOSING TRACK. And it usually ends up okayyyy, but not GREAT. So I'm working with the 60-minute format for this one, in hopes that the whole thing will RULE. HARD.

Also, someone e-mail me a prompt for my next post. I'm full of opinions but low on motivation to go the next step with any of them. If there's something on your mind right now, I'd be really happy to engage in a conversation with you.