if i stay inside i might live til saturday

The following things have been on my mind today:

- My spleen. It's been feeling a little tender/uncomfortable the past few days, and especially today. This comes with the territory of having mono -- it tends to become enlarged. I'm not playing drums for a while for fear that it might burst, and I'm attempting to avoid impacts to my abdominal area.

- The bandmates are playing tomorrow night at Roboto with html, Richard Potter's new band thing, and a band called Commando Kelly. Do go. I don't think I will be making it, as I will be going home again for the weekend and nursing my spleen.

- Also, Aydin are releasing their album Saturday night at Modernformations and Dan Higgs is doing something-or-other at Garfield Artworks at the same time and it'll cost you $10 total for both and if I weren't out of sorts and worried about my spleen, I'd be all over that.

- Be warned, the annual Torley Street Holiday Mixtape Potluck is coming, December 18. If you're interested and don't know our address etc., shoot me an e-mail and we'll work it out. The deal: bring food if you can (vegetarian, preferably but not necessarily vegan), friends if they're willing, and a mixtape if you want to walk away with one that someone else made. We will drink vegan egg nogs of sorts, but I won't be imbibing of the alcohol for fear that it may affect my liver, which is right next to my spleen, which is already enlarged.