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Yesterday I went with the parents to my sister's house for dinner. I played "baseball" with my dad and three-year-old nephew. What that entails is me pitching, my dad hitting, and the little one yelling "STRIKE TWO!" after every pitch, no matter what the outcome was. Also, in this version of the game, the umpire stands behind the pitcher. I made the mistake of protesting that in fact the umpire stands behind the batter, and was told "but not in baseball!"

Speaking of baseball, apparently poor Bob Uecker has a stalker. The article does a good job of pointing out the sheer absurdity of the matter, with lines like:

Who the heck would stalk Bob Uecker?


In late 2005, Ladd sent Uecker a letter asking him to meet with her to discuss "projects." A later letter said the project was "in fact you."

I now have a backup pickup line ("Hey, would you like to help me work on this project? The project is in fact you!") to use in case my current selection ("How would you feel if I posted a Missed Connection about you on Craigslist tomorrow?") doesn't pan out well.

And speaking of the internet, check out this thing that was brought to my attention the other day: www.fitday.com. It allows you to keep track of all your nutrition throughout the day, and calculates different aspects of your intake, kind of like Statcounter but for your body instead of your blog. I'm all about manipulating data lately. And also all about eating better than I have been. And I'm all about getting more/better exercise, and it keeps track of that too. So it's a good deal.

AND, speaking of Statcounter and blogs, happy birthday to my blog today! It is one year old. You can send your presents for it c/o me.


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