some days are diamonds, some days are rocks

While we're on the subject of things I liked ten years ago that I like still/again: I really like Tom Petty. In a nostalgic way to an extent, but also in a "that dude writes some great songs" way. My sister and I were o b s e s s e d with "Full Moon Fever" circa the mid 1990's, and I still like those tunes a bunch, but my current Big Thing is the song "Walls," from the She's the One soundtrack. Track it down and listen to it. Email me and I'll Yousendit to you. It's mind-blowing in its complexity of production and its simplicity of songwriting -- it's brought me close to tears a couple times when my friend Joel has covered it with just an acoustic guitar for his solo act -- it's actually pretty chilling.

In special news that's really quite mundane, my band is playing a show tomorrow night (I guess technically TONIGHT? Monday, the 3rd) at Roboto. It's with Conversions (Chris Strunk of Crucial Unit's band from Boston, not to be mistaken for cnvrsns), a band called Capsule, and Brainhandle. Good times will be done.

Guapo were really good tonight at Garfield Artworks, as were Zombi. It was pretty steamy inside, and I left to go out for air a little bit before Guapo finished, but it was a tough decision because they were intensely exciting and hey, they're from England, who knows when they'll be back (that's not to be confused with "these guys are from England and who gives a shit").

Also, since the last time I updated (a friggin' WEEK ago) (a long, intense friggin' WEEK ago), I talked about dreams, I leave you with this: last night's nearly 12-hour sleeping pill sleep involved one dream in which I ate a Wendy's chicken sandwich and wasn't sure how I felt about it, and ended on a dream in which it was late on a Sunday night and I was frantic about getting to bed soon so I would be able to get up in the morning, and E* and I were eating peanuts and cupcakes and A* was talking about people at length. Then I woke up and felt exhausted.


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