sayonara to blogger?

I'm considering migrating.

I started a Wordpress.com blog to get a feel for how the interface works as opposed to on blogger, and in a lot of ways (especially front-endwise) Wordpress wins out. Most importantly, I'm interested in categorizing, which in the past I didn't feel too strongly about. So far as I've ever been able to tell, that's not an option here. Also, with Wordpress, you can create separate pages (like an "about me" page, for example) that aren't posts but are static pages you can link to in your sidebar.

A couple big drawbacks to Wordpress (at least the free Wordpress.com blogs -- obviously if you used Wordpress code to blog on your own server you could circumvent the issue): lack of template control (you can't access and change the html code behind your template) and, as a result, the inability to install a Statcounter tracker. I like to be able to tweak things in html -- maybe it's just me nerding out, or, more likely, it's just me being a control freak. I like that I took a black Blogger template and made it dark blue, and tooled with fonts and such to personalize my template some. I don't really see any reason why people can't be trusted to do that if they so desire. I understand wanting to make it easy to do as much as possible with your blog without much coding knowledge, but I'm at a loss as to what the issue with allowing people to toy with the code when they want is.

Statcounter doesn't work with Wordpress because you need to embed the java code into your template, and since you can't edit the html code, or even use html tags in most of the fields you can alter, in Wordpress, you're out of luck. But, the resourceful folks at Sitemeter came up with a way to install their tracker on a Wordpress.com blog without having to insert html code. Rack one up for them. But they're still way in the hole based on the fact that their interface is awful and I'd much rather be using Statcounter.

I'm leaning right now toward switching over, but give me a day or two. Consider this fair warning to get your fingers warmed up; you may have to adjust your RSS feeds and LIVE BOOKMARKS soon.


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Statcounter has, along with Fitday, taken up a lot of the time-wasting slack that the Roboto board once was good for. This is a serious drawback of Wordpress in my opinion.

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