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I'm gonna get to an actual serious post about what I'm reading and about media criticism and stuff, but before I do that I feel the need for a quick newspaper comic rundown, because it's been a while, and if you don't pay as close attention as I do you might miss the amazing things that have been happening, especially today.

Things of import:

1. The Family Circus: Today's strip finds Jeffy on his tricycle in the back yard, Daddy gently admonishing him to "Remember! No faster than 55 miles an hour on that vehicle." Jeffy's witty rejoinder: "But in the house there's no speed limit. Right, Daddy?"

This is one of the particular breed of "Family Circus" strip that I like best: the type with no clear pun, no clear punchline, just a complete non-sequitur. If every "Family Circus" was like this, I'd no longer feel such a longing for Zippy every day.

On the other hand, I also enjoy those strips like this one, with a clear social commentary:

I bet the people who bellyache consistently about "Doonesbury" and "The Boondocks" belonging on the editorial page and not the comics page didn't even THINK to write a letter suggesting that we banish "The Family Circus" to page B-9 despite this cartoon's obvious references to the insidiousness of guerilla marketing and its critique of the loss of innocence in modern capitalist society.

Neither did I, or I would have. It's over a week gone by now, so at this point I should probably not even bother.

2. Mary Worth: Mary has of late been apparently stalked by a creepy man with a mustache, who today introduced himself as "Aldo Kelrastat," clearly a name that was conceived of by a huge fan of willing suspension of disbelief. To be fair, Jeff Cory is out of town "on business," the legitimacy of which is currently in doubt if you follow the completely obvious cues that the authors use to clue you into dramatic irony, so I say, go for it, Mary; just make Aldo do something about that molestache first.

3. Most importanly, a strip not usually on my list of comics to look at daily, but one that made my day today: The Born Loser:

The "listen to a seashell/your echo/whatever and hear something that you didn't expect" archetype is one that's quite washed up in the context of the Born Loser, who has all of three or four gags total that he recycles each week, but this one made me laugh out loud for several minutes. Good job, Art and Chip. Now I guess you'll go back to stupid "precocious Hurricane Hattie" jokes.


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