Hello, dear reader. Apologies for the dearth of updates lately. I've perhaps been too busy with the mundane to regale you with tales of the fantastic. Class, while not difficult, takes a good six hours (okay, six hours soaking wet and after a big meal) out of my week, then there's band practice, and going to shows now and then, and getting distraught, and sometimes feeling satisfied and kind of "happy." And, I'll be totally honest, my crossword obsession has been gobbling up a great deal of the remainder of my free time. I'm hoping to get serious about actually creating puzzles, which I tried once before but was intimidated by.

Luckily for you, Brian, with whom I correspond all day every day via the wondrous Gmail, has been updating a bit lately. Read what he's up to, give him feedback, tell him he's slightly more interesting than I am. That'll kick me into gear.

By way of a "currently reading" -- I finished all of the sections of Agee's "Selected Journalism" that I wanted to read (the parts about the Tennessee Valley Authority, and about RV parks, and about orchids). Clear influences on John McPhee, what with lots of listing of beautiful-sounding names of flowers and geologic features and the like. Now I'm on to Music for Chameleons.

The connection here at the coffeeshop is abominably slow, and I certainly don't come here for the atmosphere, so I suppose I'll leave you with that and bolt toward home, where the internet is faster and there are more, or at least more pressing, distractions.


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