mountains come out of the sky and they stand there

Of late, I have deemed both Yes albums I have acquired (Fragile and The Yes Album) to be truly righteous jams. I liked Yes a lot when I was about 10, then it sort of fell off and I began to think they were just ridiculous. They are ridiculous to an extent, to be sure, but not just ridiculous, methinks. Ridiculous and a whole lot more, perhaps.

Last night I saw Harangue play a really good set (with a sweet new tune) at the Brillobox with The Paper Chase, whom I hadn't seen before. In my underinformed musical mind, they reminded me of The Apes, only not as exciting. But I also was tired and went home before the set was over. So much for my commitment to music scene supportiveness excellence.

Tonight, perhaps I may go see Z's at Mofo with a bunch of hardcore bands? That seems like a fulfilling show. And tomorrow night, if you don't do anything else I tell you to do, ever, do me this favor: come to the Mofo 5th anniversary party, which we are playing with Vale & Year, Benchwarmer, and Ludus Lovestyle, and then maybe go see YMD and Centipede at Gooski's. Sounds like a summer weekendtastic night to me.


Anonymous Spiff said...

I smoked pot for the very first time at a Yes concert. Damn, I'm old.

12:50 PM  

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