it takes balls of leather, har har

Tonight, I'm taking my dad to the Pirates game. They're playing the Twins. I haven't known anything about the Twins since Kirby Puckett's day. Who the hell is even on the Twins? Maybe that means we have a chance to win? I remember when I used to know about baseball. That was about fifteen years ago.

One thing I do know about baseball is that the two guys who were playing catch at the park outside the library today were definitely in it to win with the ladies, not to hone their fielding skills. The park has fast become a hot spot for tanning bikini-clad co-eds and their fitting counterparts, available dudes and leering old pervs. Today's pitch-and-catch team were deliberately dropping catches in order to have to run close to the basking babes, and offering passing ladies a chance to catch the ball as if they were children. Then one chopper bounced off a sunbather's back, and she had a few choice words with one of the men, and soon they were sitting in their lawn chairs (which they brought from home), gazing.

PS my band is playing a show on Tuesday (the 20th) at Garfield Artworks and Saturday (the 24th) at MoFo for their FIFTH ANNIVERSARY PARTY! Hit it.


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