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As we speak, I dispatch from the home of my parents, where I am spending the day chilling and mowing the lawn. Seriously, it's a big lawn, it takes most of the day. And this isn't one of those wuss tool-man riding mowers, this baby's gotta be pushed. And I'm hopefully making things, and catching up on my reading. And tonight we're playing a birthday party on Ward street. Four huge amps and a drum kit, second floor living room, middle of the city. This will be interesting.

Tomorrow at 9 am is the men's French open final. I'm stoked on catching it on TV (hopefully) because I think Nadal-Federer was the only match I caught of the Open last year. My TV watching is limited. Also, saw some of the women's final today. The Belgian woman whose name I can't spell fooled me at first; she looked exhausted when I first turned it on (toward the beginning of the second set) but she got back in the game and absolutely cleaned up. Good work, Belgian woman!


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