dirty lowdown

This weekend, I:

- Went to a Pirates game for the first time in five years. They were ahead for a while, then it was tied, then, of course, they lost. But I saw a two-run homer off Jack Wilson's bat, and some fireworks, and the people around us (with the exception of the young professionals behind us who liked to use profanity and talk on the phone during the game) were cool. And it was my Father's Day deal. And my father is still alive, approximately two years after he all but died, and I'm determined to do stuff like this with him while that's the case. Not going back on the promises I made to myself driving to the ICU that day in June 2004.

- Attempted to even out my farmer's tan, succeeding only in sunburning my pasty torso.

- Watched a show at Roboto that ended up being kind of fun, with some out of town bands that really appreciate the space, and the band with the "I Love Porno" song was pretty . . . amusing?

- &c. &c.

In other notes, I'm working on reconfiguring my internet habits, hopefully including more (and more meaningful) writing here, and I've cut down a great deal on visiting The Message Board. More Wikipedia, less bickering. Now if I could only get my diet under control again too.


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I went to that game!

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