as far from the weekend as one gets

The days act like weeks lately, it seems, and also I lose track of when I last wrote and when I last saw, heard, or did something worth writing about. I see something that I misplaced and forgot about at work and feel like it's been ages, and I'll be in huge trouble, and find that it was only yesterday that I was supposed to take care of it, and it's no big deal. The weather oscillates and crams as many features of the climate into each day as possible.

My day yesterday was made when Sara began instant messaging me furiously (I'm never on the instant messenger anymore, but this time I was and made it count) with a bird identification question. It was a chimney swift, and I don't know what it was doing with its belly on the ground. Rabies, perhaps? I wouldn't mess with it, just in case.

Also, I have this class, which is 3 hours (or so) every Tuesday and Thursday evening, for six weeks, and it's taking a bunch of time even though it's not that challenging. I have a short paper to write for it into which I think I'm going to funnel my prior research on American Apparel advertising.

Also, I've been checking lots of emails for Roboto while Mike is away on tour with Brainhandle, and honestly I'm not sure how that guy hasn't maimed anyone yet, because opening an inbox and being faced with 20 emails from lame bands and artists who want to play your venue, and having to tell them all you'll forward your email to the promoters even though you know they have no chance in Hell of getting a show is really annoying.

How have you been?


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