turn your free time back into birdwatching

Old Time Relijun, turning fossil fuels back into dinosaurs, bringing the best show I've seen this year. (We're at the halfway mark, is it time to start quantifying our cultural experiences yet?) Arrington does beautiful things with his voice, and I wanted more music (I don't know how long they played, but it mustn't have been too long, as I rarely think bands' sets are too short) but his mouth harp performance at the end capped the set nicely. What was awesome was that he was doing things vocally while he was harping, which I didn't realize a person could do (not that I'm the expert).

I didn't know who most of the people at the show were, which was weird but pretty awesome. Where did they come from, and how did they hear about the show? I should've taken a survey. There was one kid who had to be about 15 who was incredibly stoked on seeing OTR, and stroked Arrington's beard like he was on E or something, and Aaron said that kid is the reason he goes on tour, and I say he's the reason I try to do as many shows as possible all ages.

Right now I just want to go to the woods, or the river or something, and watch birds, and maybe read and write. I've done far too little of this lately. Just as I've done far too little gardening. Our poor little seedling are totally scorched, which I blame on me. Fortunately there are decent places to buy seedlings at this point in the season.


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