tour wrapup

Hey all. Sorry for the delay -- the last couple days were mighty busy and I didn't get time to document them. Drat.

The Philly show was fun, even though 80 percent of the people left when we played. What counted was seeing friends and eating veggie crisps and playing with the dog. And those were all accomplished. Also, not having our van jacked.

Arlington was wonderful; Matt's moving out of the house where we played, but the house will remain there, which is nice, because there are big expensive condos going up all around it (see earlier remarks about preservation and development) and the woman who owns that house is a holdout, along with the folks who run the Japanese Auto Shop across the street, which is nested practically inside a brand new condo a la the little house that sits in Bouqet Gardens on Pitt's campus.

The Arlington show was awesome, anyway. A band called Danke, featuring members of Mass Movement of the Moth, headlined and were really good -- my favorite band we played with on tour, with the exception of Belegost. Silly Katie from Del Cielo was there, as were some ex-'burgh friends, and crazy Jesse who is Jo's friend from college and is totally nuts and looks like he's into creatine powder and protein shakes maybe (and is awesome, I might note).

I am tired and now I readjust to working all day instead of sitting in a car, and I try to get rid of this sickness that I haven't shaken for three weeks, and I get back into the groove of knowing what's going on in the world, even though I didn't really miss much, seemingly, in the time I was gone.


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