tour dates #6/7

So, yesterday in Brooklyn at Northsix with a local band called Hoover Flags, a band called Know Your Enemy, and the Chinese Stars. It was a weird mix of bands, a weird mix of people, and awkward in that there was a really high stage that freaked me out a little. I grew tired of "hanging out" and "talking" and spent some time in the van (finishing my Old Time Relijun flyer and vegging) after we played. Then I got annoyed with a lot of the people at the show, felt like they were worthless, felt in turn like perhaps I myself was worthless, had to drive to the place where we stayed with Jo navigating and we got quite lost and crossed bridges and all sort of nonsense then found the place, pulled into an easy parking spot that we apparently should have been ticketed in, and chilled in an apartment with a projector TV screen (there was a first-person shooter game being played when we arrived).

Today: hopefully maybe meet up with Carly from Slingshot, then off to Philly and maybe the Art Museum? Maybe?


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Nice OTR flyer.

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