tour date #4/5

Last night was the Boston show, but I was dead tired and feeling under the weather when we got in after the show, and in the morning we didn't have enough time before we shoved off for nine and a half hours of sitting in traffic between Boston and Delaware. The show at Great Scott was fun but tiring and this on and off cold I have was on bigtime. We stayed with Bob and Gina, who were most gracious, and had delicious vegan food close to the venue, and stopped at the co-op down the street before leaving in the morning.

Then we spent the entire day in the car, most of it not really moving, found free wireless for a couple blocks in the Bronx, kept moving and got to the show two and a half hours late, which sucks especially because it was one of the few shows, if not the only, on this tour that had a pretty strict schedule to be followed. The whole show was late, and rushed, but the kids there were really nice and now I dispatch to you from Electric Human Project World Headquarters, Newark, DE. Actually, in an undisclosed location somewhere outside Newark, closer to Wilmington, in the shadow of an Acme grocery store. Seriously. There's a huge glass sliding door next to me and an Acme smiling down on me and I'm about to fall asleep. If you can find me by those directions alone, feel free to come and gaze upon my sleeping body from outside.

Tomorrow we head to Philly to hang out, not play any shows, and see Mono and Pelican at the church. Cool. Seeya!


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