tour date #3

Dateline: Lewiston, ME. The town looks at bit like Lowell or some other such New England industrial town, with a huge dam and waterfalls that are loud and beautiful at night. We went exploring with our awesome host here and crossed a huge scary railroad trestle bridge right over the dam. We talked a lot about development and historic preservation and taxes and healthcare.

Maine strikes me as being more Canada than USA, which is a-okay by me. The road signs go by miles and kilometers, and there are funny polite signs that say things like "Dim lights when meeting traffic" and "Reduce speed in inclement weather," and there's mandatory healthcare.

Oh yeah, and the show tonight was awesome, just like last night. I had some more equipment issues, but we played well, I thought, to those people who stuck around for us. And some people bought things and took lyric booklets, which rocked.

Tomorrow: Boston. We might chill and check out the falls here again then head toward Massachussetts. Seeya.


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