panorama obscura

The weather the past few days has been more than vaguely reminiscent of last October/November when I trolled around doing nothing for a long time and listened to Broken Hearts Are Blue a lot and then got a job and was still kinda in a funk. It's weird and kind of frustrating when you realize that intense cloudcover the likes of which we see fairly often here can actually act as a barrier not only between you and the sky but between you and any sort of vision of the future. I honestly can't see past the next day or two when the sun is obscured thusly. Which is sometimes alright, but more often pretty worrisome.

But worry not, I am not depressed in the least. I have amazing friendships right now, and lots of good things on my plate (even if there are so many of these things it's a bit stressful), and I'm taking a personal day Monday to hang out with my mom. That's right. I won't deny it. And my eyelid seems to be flaking and peeling less, which is nice, and the muscles at the crux of my left elbow have been freaking out and spasming for a day or so now but that'll go away eventually.


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