old time relijun pittsburgh saturday AND getting to AIR by bus!

So, first of all, a reminder that the Old Time Relijun show is this Saturday, May 27, at AIR. It's at like 7:30 and the lineup is: Natura Nasa - Midnite Snake - Old Time Relijun. It will be an amazing show.

Second of all, I've never seen an account of how to get to AIR by bus, so here goes, courtesy Maya's Buskarma site:

A very close bus stop is East Ohio St. opposite James St. Then you just have to cross East Ohio and walk up James to Foreland (it's the second street up after East Ohio) and go right and AIR is right there, 518 Foreland.

The 54C stops there. Coming from downtown, the 1A, 1D, 1F, and 6A all stop there as well.

Buses are a little bit crazy and go around in circles on the North Side, what with the commons and park and stuff up there, so you have to figure out for yourself when you're actually at the intersection and should get off. Ask your nice bus driver.

This link ought to work; otherwise, go to http://bus.maya.com and search for East Ohio St. OPP James. You'll find what you need to know.


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