loose ends

A few things:

- If you have a computer with sound and a few minutes, watch the video for the song "Fingerbangin'," by a band from Philly called Sweatheart. The vid was made by Charlie's roommate Ted, and the song features references to passenger side road head and the phrase "WOOF god damn!"

- There is a flavor of Vitamin Water called "Rescue," which is green tea and chamomile flavored and has B vitamins, which I found in Boston and which was very good and which I've never seen anywhere else. I would like it to appear here soon.

- I had my first communication class last night. I think it'll be nice 'n easy; I just need to not slack. It'll be a funny group, I think -- kids taking summer classes that are really basic low-level courses usually have some amusing reason for being there ("I'm a communication major and I got a C- in this class last time I took it"). We discussed our media choices and half of the class are amusingly devoted Philly and/or Lehigh valley partisans: "I don't read Pittsburgh papers, I like the Morning Call!" "I don't listen to the radio in PITTSBURGH, I like (station X) in Philly!"

- Hopper is in Israel right now. It's interesting. Get over the Merritt stuff and read about her trip.


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