dream lover

The dreams of late have been stressful, sometimes terrifying. They've ranged from mundane but anxious -- we're in DC on tour and all the gas stations are closing because there's no more gasoline and we pay $150 for a tank of gas to get back to Pennsylvania and $50 for a Sunday paper, just because -- to jarringly frigtening: an elevator dream, which I think I've had for years but never really committed to memory, in which we're going up, somewhere, a few of us people, and all of a sudden we begin to plummet, and we fall and fall and then somehow there's a cushioned landing but now we're trapped in an elevator. And the most disturbing? I'm holding my baby nephew and I up and drop him down the steps on his head, and he ends up being okay but it's too much for me and I run to the corner and start bawling and I'm embarrassed because my family is all around but life's become much too much for me and I can't pretend anymore.

Do you think they mean anything?


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