would you like to take a survey?

No, not one of those stupid meme survey things where you tell everyone your middle name and how many times you've copulated. This is about blogging and zine culture and compatibility.

So I write this blog. You know that because you read it. What I don't do, and have been meaning to, is publish a personal zine. Most of what I would put in a zine, though, is the same stuff I write about here.

I'm interested nonetheless in making a zine with a lot of the same content because there's a different feel to reading this kind of stuff off of a page rather than off of a screen, and there's a different accessibility level and a different overall approach to both creating and reading a zine as opposed to a blog. When I read a zine, I sit down, intent on some good reading, whereas when I'm reading blogs, I'm usually multitasking at the computer and I refresh my RSS reader and have little context for what I'm reading.

So, my question to you, dear reader: Is it a good idea to compile a zine of mostly/all stuff I've written here? Would it be worthwhile? Would people who don't read this blog read it, do you think? Would people who DO read this blog want a copy?

These are my questions. Please give me opinions. I appreciate.


Blogger andyhorbal said...

I vote aye, sir. A zine is something that you can give as a gift. It can decorate a room, it can sit about to be picked up at a party by a stranger (perhaps a kindred spirit!). And there's the graphic component to the zine, that can breath a wholly different life into your words. There is an art to formatting! Break free of the shackles of Blogger! Spread your wings, Andybot! Spread them and fly!

9:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I vote nay to republishing your blog as a zine, Andy. The format of the blog is in some way dictating the textual considerations (for example, hyperlinks in lieu of explication). While the intertextual dialog could lead to interesting things, I already read your blog and would be more interested in seeing what arises as new text under the auspices of a different format.

Best wishes,

12:24 PM  
Blogger andybot said...

I know more than two people read this wicked thing. Come on, people. Give me some input. Also, I might add, in response to Joseph: I may or may not have the energy/drive to actually create separate stuff for a zine and keep up with this as well. Keep that in mind. But I appreciate both comments so far -- both very valid ideas.

9:06 PM  

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