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- Allies, Slingshot Dakota, Flotilla Way, .isha&zetta. on Friday (this Friday, April 21) at Roboto. You should come. Allies' last show with the current lineup. Slingshot is fun and good. FW's third show? And .i&z.'s second. Beginnings, endings, re-beginnings, some middles, all in one show. It's like Easter a week late. Be there.

- I'm registered for classes for the summer. One perk that doesn't quite offset my discontent with my poverty salary at this job is the education benefit -- I'll barely be paying anything to take: Mass Communication Process, a low-level comm class (my secret is that I've taken barely any actual classes in communication, but I'm planning on maybe doing grad work in communication), and Intelligent Life in the Universe, a geology class. The comm class is Ms. Ghilani's section, hopefully enough people will register and it won't be cancelled. The geology class is with Charlie Jones, possibly my favorite professor from the undergrad days. He puts pictures of chickens in the middle of his slide shows!

- I have now seen both Lucas Sloppy's Flying Organ (super good, kind of bordering on funny but not in the dumb sort of way) and October, the band (maybe not quite as good as October, the month, in general but a great deal better than my last October).

- I'm working on a piece for Rustbelt Radio on the Consumer Health Coalition and Cover the Uninsured Week (cf. my Rex Morgan, M.D. obsession). It should air next monday night, the 24th.

- Despite my lack of funds, going to see The Dirty Projectors at Garfield Artworks tonight because it should be really good.


Anonymous Jessica Ghilani said...

I think it's hilarious that you referred to me as Ms. Ghilani but what's even more hilarious is that I found this by googling my own name (hello narcissism!!).

10:33 PM  
Blogger andybot said...

I have the utmost of respect for my (future) instructors. When I am viciously dissecting your pedagogical methods in this very space, I will be sure to only refer to you as "Ms. Ghilani," "Professor Ghilani," or "Not-Quite-A-Doctor Ghilani."

8:14 AM  

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