turkey tales

The radio show yesterday was fun, as any time cooped up in a room with Potter and Abie would tend to be. The other guest was David from 2politicaljunkies, a much more established and more "traditional" (I guess) blogger than I. I would've preferred a little more talk about the nature of internet communication as opposed to other media I guess, rather than talking about practical political applications of blogging specifically, which I just don't know that much about. Regardless, I tried to not sound too too stupid, and hopefully succeeded.

Also, yesterday, riding into work, I witnessed a turkey trying to cross the intersection of Craig and Fifth. He started out on the side where Duranti's and whatnot are and crossed with traffic for a bit (Fifth Avenue traffic had the green light), but then the light changed and he was basically in the middle of the intersection and looked mighty perplexed. I rode past him and sort of winced as everyone in their cars kind of tooted their horns lightly and kindheartedly, because no one hates a turkey, and wished that he would get back on the sidewalk and wait for the walk signal.

I did not stick around to see how this story would end.


Anonymous jo said...

that internet thread makes more sense to me now...

8:13 PM  

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