today was the day.

Today was the day, or at least this weekend was the weekend. I think between Friday night and tonight I saw everyone I know in Pittsburgh at least once. Our show Friday night was wonderful -- Lovely Ladies were very good; I love seeing Dan and Joseph both doing good things, and even more so seeing them doing them together. Natura Nasa (minus Pete) were beautiful. I missed The Drift because Keith and I scattered to get to MoFo to see Lovers. Cubby did not disappoint, and while I was sad to have missed The Drift, I was glad to have seen nearly all of her set. She sang "Winter Takes a Lover" as an encore, which I noted once before in these pages as having made me cry whilst walking to work.

In other news, today, sitting outside 61C Cafe, I observed an old, old, decrepit man place a brand new-looking child's toy of some sort -- sort of a plastic chain with some funny characters hanging on it -- on top of a fire hydrant and shuffle away. Then, less than five minutes later, an old woman, straddling the border between Grandma and Bag Lady, stopped, looked it up and down, glanced around, picked it up and kept going. I presume it was something completely random, but part of me felt like maybe, just maybe, this was some Amelie type shit, and there was a romantic note of some sort on one of those character heads.

PS -- I think I'm gonna go see Slim Cessna's Auto Club at Quiet Storm tomorrow night. I've not seen them before, but I've heard good things. And I guess Slim lives here and works at the Mattress Factory now? Maybe?


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