something conspicuously close to a post about things i've consumed but not quite:


Here are things that are currently making me happy:

- The weather is beautiful here in the PGH. A little chill on, but the sun is out, and it's not too cold to ride your bike, so there are no complaints to be registered.

- I watched a couple good movies this weekend: The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb, a beautifully creepy stop-action Bolex Brothers joint that comes highly reccommended, and Guerrilla: The Taking of Patty Hearst, which, despite a little overkill now and then, was really interesting, and which I enjoyed.

- Emperor X and Franklin Delano -- the show, and the folks, and the records. I didn't properly debrief in this forum after the show, but basically all there is to say is that the people who turned out and stayed for the whole show (thank goodness it was more people than either band's last time here) were blown away by both. Chad is probably my favorite performer to see play right now, period. Probably. He writes beautiful songs and they're a part of him and he's a part of them and his voice and his energy are beautiful. His new 7" is fantastic and you should get it if you don't have it already.

- Chilling with good buds all weekend. Sometimes I do the thing where I just presume that everyone else is busy and I shouldn't try to hang out with anyone, but I managed to not really do that this weekend (so far) and while I haven't gotten my room cleaned yet this weekend, I also haven't spent too much time sitting around feeling shitty.

- CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood. For whatever reason, this show really appeals to me - the reporters, a lot of the things they cover, the animals they show for a couple minutes at the end of each show. It's pleaseing when I manage to catch it, as I have two weeks in a row.



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