neu friends

Some new friends made: in addition to the Columbus kids who are and who came here with Tin Armour, the three folks behind the Gadabout Traveling Film Festival. Three awesome sweet people showing some pretty great shorts; they stopped at the Art Institute Saturday night, it was a weird crowd but the films and songs were sweet. Also, Eric has a more extensive knowledge of Pearl Jam lyrics than anyone else I know, even including Joel.

Today I finished my piece on the Consumer Health Coalition for Rustbelt Radio. It'll air tomorrow evening, 6-7, on WRCT. Listen to my stupid voice.

On a related note, I need to chill on doing stuff a little. I guess it's mostly the seasonal ebb and flow of shows that need someone to book them, but I've been mad busy lately, without time to really concentrate on reading and/or making stuff. My project right now is not taking on more than I can handle. Wish me luck.


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