this is happenin!

What am I amped on this week?

1. Spring break. Okay, for me all that really means is Friday off. But it's better than Friday at work. I'll appreciate what little they give me. (I hope it's nice enough outside for tennis, but I'm starting to think maybe that won't be the case.)

2. Tony Conrad and Rhys Chatham and Jonathan Kane at the Warhol Friday night. Woah.

3. Assuming I make it and don't fall asleep or fail to make it on time, Oxford Collapse, Part Chimp and Centipede E'est at the Brillobox Friday night.

4. Secret things upcoming.

What am I not amped on?

1. Missing the Phil Boyd solo release featuring Mikey C Friday night at Modernformations.

2. Spending so much on shows coming up Friday that I probably won't go see Mi & Lau tonight at Garfield Artworks.


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