someone's having a bad day!

I could barely move myself to get out of bed this morning, fighting a sick bug of some sort and dead from not enough sleep. I managed to get out and get to work only a little late, and was glad for my boss's sake that I hadn't called off sick because one of my co-workers did, and another was on a vacation day, and she was all by her lonesome until I showed up, and the phone wouldn't stop all morning. I slogged through the day, heavy on my feet, and as I walked home, fantasized about how I'd collapse on the floor upon re-entry to my house.

Then, as I headed down Bayard toward Craig and passed the gas station at the corner, I looked into the parking lot and saw, heading for his Cadillac, none other than Pittsburgh Celebrity Defense Attorney Jim Ecker, mentioned in these very pages before as an amusing bizarro celebrity sighting.

Jim Ecker (you may know him from such hits as, "Jeff Habay, Crazy Legislator;" "Ronald Taylor, Racially Motivated McDonald's Massacre Shooter;" and "Robert B. Winston, Jr., Funeral Director Who Kept Stillborn Infants In Boxes") is currently defending the horrible creepy psycho who kept a girl locked up in his room for ten years. Needless to say, he's had a lot of explaining to do to the press in the last two days.

I felt a great deal lighter and more energetic with this visual confirmation that there was someone around who surely had a much tougher day at work than I.


Blogger smelly mcsmellsmell said...


that shit is crazy.

3:16 PM  
Blogger mingyieh said...

what a creep.

7:52 PM  

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