rock and snacktivism

Two-show weekends are exhausting, and while we've theoretically sworn them off, we did it this weekend and it was smoov, with the exception of the fact that I left my cymbals at Gooski's last night and Doug has them so I need to do something about that. Elsewise, two wonderful shows with awesome friends -- Flotilla Way were cute and great (Jai is an excellent drummer!) Friday night. Last night at Gooski's we had by far our best bar performance ever -- when the quiet parts came, you could hear a pin drop over the guitar parts. No one was talking, no one was laughing, no one was yelling. Everyone was listening. Amazing.

A few quick shout-outs to things that I'm thinking about lately: Jude mentioned the Steve Kurtz case the other day because she's done organizing surrounding that situation, and I hadn't heard much about it lately. Motions for dismissal were denied in January and the case is headed for a full trial. Read up on it at that link if you're not familiar -- Steve is a professor and a member of the Critical Art Ensemble who was swept up in a truly Kafkaesque nightmare in the name of homeland security. I'll keep tabs and update you in the future hopefully.

Ben Folds is playing Bigelow Bash at Pitt this year, which is sweet. I will never go back on my contention that this dude rules, even if I think he crossed the line from bittersweet and awesome to plain depressing when he started playing solo. I will be there.

I've been offered a show in May that will be stoketacular if it pans out -- I'll announce it as soon as I'm sure of the situation. Get ready for something really good though.

Last but not least, after receiving a coupon for them through campus mail from the generous Law Library staff, I purchased new Cheez-it Crisps (so new they don't even have a web page!) the other night. The verdict: not as good as the original, because original Cheez-its can do no wrong in my eyes. But, if looked at as something that's not trying to be a Cheez-it, not bad. The cheezy powder stuff on them is a little bit addictive, and gets all up on your hands like Dorito powder. The texture is the real sweet point of these -- reminiscent of those flaky, delectable Munch 'Ems. On the snack scale of 1-10, I'll give them a 7.


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