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I wrote this email to a friend this morning and it sums up most of the thoughts I've really had time to think today, so I thought I'd share it with y'all. Otherwise, today has been all work (no student workers as it's spring break, but lots of requesting done by faculty) and business (getting practice space stuff ironed out) and rice pudding.


Do you know the Elton John song "All the Nasties"? It's the
next-to-last song on "Madman Across the Water." The one that sounds a
little like a church song or something -- like it was the first step
on the road toward "The Lion King." There's the first part, the main
body of the song, then it gets real quiet and this choral part with a
full choir builds, and they're all going "Do-do-do-do-do doooo doo do
. . ." and he comes in and keeps saying "Ohhhh my sooouuuul . . .
Ohhhh my sooouuul . . ."

And then, the drums kick in . . . the bass drum drops like fucking
cannonfire, HUGE . . . there's so much reverb on that track it should
probably be illegal.

That's how drums should sound. Next time we record, that's how my
drums are going to sound.

If you have that record, or if you get that record, or if you're in
someone's house and they have it, and you listen to that song, listen
close and think about that.

That's my thought for the morning.

How was your weekend?



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