kickin' balls. err . . .

I was alerted recently that some folks from the workplace might be getting together a kickball team to compete in the Pittsburgh league of the World Adult Kickball Association. You pay $65 per person and get the added bonus of a t-shirt.

A better idea is to lay down $8 (plus shipping I guess) and get "Huckleberry Eater," an album by a band/dude called Kickball. I've been jammin it hard lately, after being a jackass and missing the show here. What can I say? I don't remember what I did that night, but I was up to something, and I didn't really think I'd like them. They were touring with some permutation of Mt. Gigantic, who I generally find to be tolerable, and I thought they'd be some Plan-It-X style band that I'd not really care for. I was wrong. Q got the CD and it's really good and as my penance for missing the show, I'm telling you all to get your hands on it.


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Beware the kickball wars:


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