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There's a special election next week for the city council seat for District 3, which Gene "More Bike Traffic In the City Is Dangerous To Cyclists" Ricciardi vacated in order to become a judge (*gulp*). THe district covers the South Side and those hilltop neighborhoods to the south as well as much of the student ghettos of Oakland. There are a couple interesting/amusing things about this race:

1. The P-G endorsed candidate, who opposes the Mon-Fayette coming into the city and seems pretty okay as local politicians are concerned, is named Bruce Kraus. There is another candidate named Bruce Krane. Is this going to confuse voters? You can count on it.

2. The guitarist late of Jumbo, more recently of the on-hiatus grind band Commit Suicide, is running as a Republican. He's a pretty libertarian dude, I disagree with him on a lot of issues and I think a lot of his views aren't well thought-out or are based on faulty logic, but the point is -- there's a Republican running for office who's in a grind band called Commit Suicide. Woah.


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