equinoxin' at the door

Ways to make it actually feel like spring:

- Listen to Dino Jr.
- Drink Lipton Original Green Tea with Honey.
- Observe the sun being out (okay it's gone now, but it was out earlier, I promise).
- Play a show tomorrow night at Roboto with A Day in Black and White. I'm cheating now, I totally could've done this in the winter. But they're really good. And they remind me of Navies (the Petillo connection being in effect), and Navies are a spring/summer thing for me, so it works. Regardless, tomorrow (Tuesday) at 7 at Roboto. Be there. Massif is also playing. That's Deadly Nate's new band that I haven't seen yet.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

insane that I was listening to "the Wagon" whenever I opened this page. had to do a doubletake. sorry i couldn't make it out to the show tonight--school (and playing the guitar) is killing me. hope it was great.

3:04 AM  

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