did i tell you?

We're playing a show May 31 at Roboto with The Drift, who are on Temporary Residence and are related to Tarentel and are very good. But also, if you're more into the acoustic side of things, the most amazing songwriter is playing that night at ModernFormations. Her name is Cubby, she's in a band called Lovers. She's touring with one other person. I might be that uncouth dunderhead who leaves the show early to go see the other show, just because she writes the most beautiful songs imaginable and I've been unable to catch her the last THREE TIMES she's played here. I forget what the issue was the first time, then the second time I didn't find out about the show till the day after it happened and the most recent time we were playing a set on WPTS. I think it's reasonable. Although I'd prefer to pull off catching The Drift as well if possible.

Also, that show will be the closing night of Beth Steidle's show at ModernFormations, which is absolutely precious and wonderful and probably my favorite show there. Even if you don't go that night, check it out while it's up. It's something to take your time and inspect.


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