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I suspect it's the noncommital weather, really, that's getting to me. There are plenty of other little things (not the least of which being my very nature) that could be doing it, but I think the weather is the deciding factor. The temperature goes up a bit, it gets sunny, maybe rains a little, then it plummets again, snows a tiny bit (not enough to be exciting) and starts over, like if you put late January through mid-March through a looping pedal then sped up the loop a bunch, so that rather than transitioning once over all that time, it just kept going back and forth, over and over, with no hoping of breaking past the "spring" mark but equally dour prospects of getting a good fun winter storm.

I have plans to be healthier again, to quit with the lethargy and pessimism:

Exercise, of course. Vitamins, supplements. Force the sun to come out once in a while. Vegetables and fruit juices. Become an Olympic athlete. Write things and publish them. Come up with new ideas and follow through with them, but don't come up with too many ideas or I won't be able to. Listen to the Muppet Movie soundtrack more often. Relax. Know my limits. Quit eating sugar for the most part (I did it once, I can do it again). Find a better paying job. Drink more water.

I've always felt like this, rather than the first of the year, is the real time to set goals and stick with them.

Other suggestions welcome, although I've got my hand full already with these big plans.


Blogger Brian Taylor said...

Eat more chocobites.

8:10 PM  
Anonymous andybot said...

No no. You're heading in the wrong direction with this. Plus, Chocobites are fast being replaced with real Peanut M&M's in the vending machine. Peanut M&M's which I will not eat, because I am a superhero and an Olympic athlete.

10:56 PM  

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