Sorry I haven't spoken up recently. Not that much to say, I guess? Or things to say that don't translate right on here, maybe. Regardless, I'll come up with something soon. Meanwhile, some shows I am playing, for your entertainment:

March 1 - at Garfield Artworks with Czars, Remora, Natura Nasa (Mike Tamburo and Pete Spynda and Ian Bonnet and someone else I think?) -- 8pm, probably $6 or $7 or whatever.

March 3 - at Roboto, a benefit for The Big Idea, with Fuckedupmess and Flotilla Way (first show for these foxy ladies!) -- 7pm, $5.

March 4 - at Gooski's, with Young Men's Dept, Warzone Womyn (finally!) -- Gooski's time, Gooski's price. You know. Late and cheap.

Yes, three in a week. We swore we'd never do it again. Sometimes everything comes at you at once, though.