go 'head, go steagles

Thanks, people who came out to the shows this weekend in Philly and in Pittsburgh! You all make my heart melt. I was running around like a madman trying to help make sure things went right, and I guess it paid off, since things went pretty right. Belegost killed it twice, even more so in Pittsburgh than in Philly, I think. The space in Philly was awesome, but I think the effect of Roboto being a little bit smaller, and people having to really pack in, made it feel a little more intense and vital last night. But that could be my Pittsburgh bias showing through.

We got shut down by Philly, foodwise, missing out on Govinda's AND Kingdom, because both were seemingly closed when they should've been open. We ended up eating at the other veg Chinese place a couple blocks from Kingdom, and it was okay, but a bit disappointing in that the food was eh-okay, and we were the only ones there and one of the two women working stood guard over us the whole time -- presumably just watching the door, as the other was on the phone, but it was a little disconcerting.

Also, "Go Steelers" on the electronic road work alert signs all along the turnpike, beautiful fog that was more fun when I wasn't the one driving, and Eric and Q waving terrible towels all about the place at both shows: