gifts given and recieved, edition 2/7/06

Today: received wonderful mixtape from Only Person Thus Far to Take Me Up On My New Year's Mixtape Trade Demand. Highlights include "American Girl," by Tom Petty, which has the distinction of having been on the first tape I ever gave my now-BFF/roommate, Ted Leo covering Lungfish's "To Whom You Were Born" (woah.) and Stevie Wonder. Also features Lifter Puller but no Hold Steady, which I was anticipating, but that's okay because I finally got a burned copy of "Separation Sunday" the other day and I'm not really as into it as I expected to be, given all the hype. I'll give it another spin though.

Gave a package of Garfield's Chocobites (see below), received in return two packets of Cranberry Emergen-C. Healthwise, at least, I made off in that deal.

Also, Carlisle, PA, we're coming your way this weekend. Not that anyone in Carlisle is reading this. Not that much of anyone is reading this lately (except that person from Japan who got here searching for the words "Modey Lemon Steelers" the other day). But yeah. Arts Haus Basement, Saturday evening, with A Day in Black and White (Mike from Navies' band, they're on Level Plane) and Harrison Bergeron and Running from Dharma (make a stupid Must-See TV and/or Karma-running-over-Dogma joke here) (or, for super Pittsburgh points, make a Dharma Sons reference) (or, if you're TOTALLY BEAT, say something about Dharma Bums) (you get the picture). It will be wonderful. Do show up.