a few random, disconnected things you might like to know:

1. Today at work I witnessed a man working on one of the elevators, on a step ladder, replacing the light bulbs inside the car. He was doing this without having the car stopped. So, the elevator continued to go up and down, and I witnessed him stopping on several floors -- the doors open, there's the ladder, with the dude on it. It was like the X-GAMES version of changing a light bulb. And when a guy on the ground floor hit the button to go up, and that car opened up, X-TREME light bulb changer told him he could get on, and asked what floor he was going to.

2. In 1863, John Wilkes Booth moved to Venango County and founded the Dramatic Oil Company. The company failed within a year, and then he went and assasinated the president a few years later. Interesting.

3. I have a few exciting show announcements that I'm sitting on, waiting for confirmation and/or details. But get ready, I'm stoked.

4. I'm watching moguls skiing right now. After the 1994 games in Lillehammer, I was convinced that I was fated to be a moguls skier, and I jumped in that bouncy back-and-forth manner on my trampoline for that entire spring.