skedaddle n hum

Going home for a day or two to visit the dear Mom, whose birthday it is, and for whom the Men of the Family went together on this as a gift. (Should I feel guilty that I'll end up taking several episodes myself, since she'll only want certain of them?) (Nah, it wasn't my idea to get it! I just helped out!)

I'm gonna give her the new CD as well. She liked the last one. Seriously guys! Not just cuz she's my mom! Awwww come on!

Also, to sleep in a room that is not frigid (I'm afraid to leave the big space heater on all night because it makes the wire mold sort of "hum" when it kicks on high, and goodness knows you don't want to have an electrical fire in Bloomfield, so I'm not risking it. While pondering a permanent solution, I'm rocking the little space heater, which isn't all that effective when it's 15 freakin' degrees outside. (But it's getting warmer. I'm ok.)

Also, in a garden update that's not really an update, we'll be placing orders on Monday, and I'll report to you what we ultimately decide on. Then I have to get it together and actually plant the things.