gifts recieved and given

Today, I received three (3) avocados, fresh from the tree in California belonging to the mother of Someone I Work With, via the interoffice courier. These items were in an interoffice envelope, replete with pieces of loose leaf covering the holes in the envelope such that the couriers would not recognize their cargo as produce and eat it accordingly.

Which brings me to Things I Owe People, namely holiday cards and mixtapes. Holiday cards: wait till next year. I already have them purchased, so I'll be ahead of the game. In the meantime, hopefully I'll send you a postcard sometime soon. Mixtapes: if I owe you one, hang tight. BizzyBeckahSmizzy, I'm like 3/4 of the way done with yours. It's thus far a tribute to my slow mental demise, and doesn't make a lot of sense I fear. If it's good, you'll enjoy it, if not, it's a document of a man falling apart at the seams, and has some value as such.

And avocado giver, I'll get something together to interoffice you, pinky promise.


Tomorrow night at Roboto with Kalon, HTML, and sparrows, swarmandsing!. 7pm, $6.

Friday night at 123 Pleasant in Morgantown, WV, with Nakano and sparrows, swarmandsing!.

Not sure if LPs or CDs will be available at either or both of these shows, but hopefully one or both will be.*** We are writing fun new stuff. I'd like to see you at a show.

Also, we're starting to work on our week-plus tour for early May -- if you're in the mid-Atlantic/Northeast and would like to help with a show, do please e-mail me! You'll be rewarded in heaven, if not elsewhere!

*** Postscript: LP's have arrived, but the correct packaging is not in, so advance copies will be for sale with black and white covers tomorrow, and if you get one, you can get the red and white cover sometime later.