garden planning, pt 1

So, first garden post of the year. If I know that my adoring readership is expecting garden updates all year, perhaps I'll do a decent job of actually taking care of business this year.

We're planning orders from Seeds of Change and Territorial this year.

We've been talking about trying our hand at a small crop of corn for quite some time, and this may be the year. We're currently discussing Hookers. We'll probably go with it, if only for the endless crude joke opportunities afforded all those who choose to grow this variety.

Last year, we grew Nutri-Bud broccoli, which was okay, but it's a big plant that requires quite a bit of spacing, so we might go with Small Miracle this year instead, and keep up with the succession planting, and not wait around for side-shoots, because they're usually not worth it.

Pepperwise, I'm leaning toward Giant Szegedi for a sweet pepper and Hungarian Hot Wax for a hot. That's subject to discussion and change, of course.

Still thinking about flowers. We're definitely planning to bring back the nasturtium, which we just plain failed to plant last year, and I'm thinking about Bells of Ireland (when did I become someone who likes green flowers?) and Delphinium.

Further suggestions welcome.