dreams dreamt whilst asleep

I tend to have highs and lows as far as dreams are concerned -- periods of weeks when I don't have any of note, then little spurts of dream that will have a pervading tone. It doesn't always line up with the tone of my actual life at the time, but that's sort of what's great about it.

I've been visited by some beautifully childlike, peaceful dreams this week. One the other night about going down a steep embankment into a secret forest that was the most lush, beautiful place I had ever been, with a stream, and beautiful trees and flowers. It reminded me of the dream I had the first time I took NyQuil when I was a bit younger. Then last night, one in which a sweet friend, whose album I listened to yesterday for the first time in a while, was chasing me through a field, and I did that compulsive thing I do where I get really freaked out about someone/something chasing me even though I know that either nothing is chasing me or nothing will happen if whoever IS chasing me catches up.* But then said friend caught up, and it was kind of one of those frolick-in-the-meadow things.

Also last night, a dream in which I encountered a group of skater kids, most in their early teens but one who was about seven, and the little one asked me: "So, when you get older, like into your teens, you can start doing stuff like worshipping Satan, right? Well, can you still get into Hell if you join the Boy Scouts?"

I was understandably incredulous, and couldn't figure out what dream boy was talking about, so I asked: "So wait . . . you . . . you want to go to Hell, that's what you're saying?"

"Yeah," he replied.

"Oh. Well, I think you can join the Boy Scouts and still manage to get into Hell. There are things you can do."

There are times when your dream life is really satisfying and you want to sleep more than be awake, no?

*I used to do this thing when I was younger -- I've pretty much gotten over it -- wherein when I was in front of my house, say, bringing in groceries with my mom or whatever, and a car was coming down the street, I HAD to run onto the porch before that car passed in front of the house. I didn't know what would happen if I didn't, but it didn't matter; it was a total irrational compulsion, and kind of freaked me out, but I couldn't shake it for a good long time.