doin' thangs

First and foremost -- Sparrows, Swarm & Sing!

Super talented, incredibly nice dudes. Hopefully we'll do a New England date or two or three with them in May. Some intense loud guitar-driven stuff, a lot of strings, awesome stuff with a glockenspiel, some leaves, and a pirate chant or two. Worth checking out, although this is basically the end of their tour for now. Look for new stuff from them in a few months. I think watching Perpetual Motion Machine would be the best way to keep up with them, record and tour date-wise.

Second -- Morgantown is strangely appealing to me, I guess mostly because I haven't been in the couch-burning section of town before, at least not when the couch-burning was going on. Regardless, the sound at 123 Pleasant is pretty great, and despite the fact that not too many folks showed up, the show left me feeling pretty good. We got in late, and the co-op there closes pretty early, so we didn't get to go there this time, but we went to the burrito place, where I froze up and got the same build-your-own-burrito as I got last time, even though I knew damn well that it wasn't the best taste combination.

Third -- on Friday at work, I got into an interesting email conversation with a professor about the potential for RFID tagging of library books. I don't know too too much about the subject, and I'm working on learning more. There are always weird privacy issues surrounding RFID in any situation, but at the same time, if you're talking about implementing a closed system that wouldn't involve patron information being transmitted (which I would think would be totally feasible), the prospect of being able to, for example, immediately track down exactly where a book is when it's misshelved is pretty attractive. But then there's also the issue of the use of an automated system like this to cut staff at libraries even further, which would end up being a problem because there are always problems that end up requiring some human attention. It definitely has the potential to be abused.

The jury is out -- libraryfolk, feel free to e-mail comments.