the definitive record release show post

Here's all the info, at least all that I have thus far, about the record release weekend. I'll update further when I have more information.

Friday, February 3 - Belegost and the sea, like lead at the Philadelphia Ethical Society, apparently the meeting place of a sort of universalist-looking group of some sort. It's on Rittenhouse Square. Time, price, any other bands forthcoming.

Saturday, February 4 - Belegost; the sea, like lead; Allies; MikeyC and TomB at Roboto in Pittsburgh. 7 pm, $5.

I'd be most stoked if you came to one of these shows. If you can't make it, you can purchase the CD or LP online for $8 plus shipping.

I'm going to start NOW getting together a lyrics/thoughts zine for the release shows so that I actually get it done on time.