currently gettin' read

Although I most certainly do not have time for it,I started reading another book that I probably won't finish in its entirety: Guy Debord, by Andy Merrifield. Debord is one of those I take in small doses then get sidetracked and can't say I have an amazing working knowledge of.

Funny story: sophomore year, I took the terrifying "Kafka and the Modern World" class, offered by the Honors College, slumped in the back of the class and tolerated dweebface freshmen who liked to talk out their asses about German philosophers they had only a very superficial knowledge of. The point of the class was essentially to parrot the professor, right down to appropriating his idiolect. One day in class I finally have something to say. Whatever it is I read for that particular class reminded me of a sort of prototypical version of Debord. I raise my hand and say so, and Professor looks at me blankly. Who? Dweebface freshmen do the same. "Debord?" says I. "Society of the Spectacle? Situationists? Paris 1968?" A slight look of reassurance comes over Professor's face. "Oh, Paris 1968. I see." End of discussion. We move on.