bengalis on platforms

Do pay attention, if you will, to Sara J's blog as she is in India for the semester and making astute observations. A quick teaser of an excerpt for you:

A pile of puppies and dogs sleeping on the sidewalk not ten feet from a family, the mother cleaning her infant which seems newborn. The entire process of procreation must happen on the sidewalk, they must screw under those plaid blankets and bleed onto the pavement. There could be placenta in the gutter, amneotic fluid watering the bushes? I don’t know.

Plans for today include not wasting my day like I sort of did yesterday, potting the little white narcissus bulbs my sister gave me for Christmas, and watching the Steelers roll over the Bungles. Plans for this week include getting back on my damn bike hopefully, and trying to remember how to play our songs so that we can play them for people next week.